Bishal Sapkota

I am a software engineer excited by possibilities that technology presents to improve our lives

General Info

  • AddressMelbourne
  • E-mailcontact [at]


  • 2016-2018

    Master of Engineering - Software

    The University of Melbourne

    At The University of Melbourne, I completed my Masters degree specializing in software engineering. Some of the core units that I enjoyed in Melbourne were High Integrity Systems Engineering, Declarative Programming, Modeling Complex Software Systems etc. I did my final year project with Royal Melbourne Hospital where me and 9 other students built Allogator, an intelligent engine that helped schedule nurses to patients in an ICU environment. I also tutored "Software Testing and Reliability" and "High Integrity Systems Engineering".

Work Experience

  • Oct 2017 - Now

    Deakin University

    Web Applications Developer

    At Deakin, I was part of Deakin Scout team which builds and maintains proximity and location based services and products. The products I worked on include

    - Deakin Scout mobile app that allows students, staff, and visitors to wayfind to rooms in Deakin's campuses.

    - Digital Signage app that runs on 75 inch screen kiosks placed in different parts of the campuses.

    - Occupancy analytics platform for telemetry of location based feeds.

  • Oct 2016 - Aug 2017


    Software Developer

    As a sole developer at a small food law consulting company, I was responsible for the following

    - Develop secure event registration system with payment integration from NAB using PHP.

    - Port a Django web application from Python 2.7/ Django 1.7 to Python 3.5/ Django 1.11.

    - Maintain, backup and support multiple services running as AWS instances.

  • Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

    MaxConnect Nepal

    iOS Developer

    MaxConnect Nepal is a identity services provider to schools in Kathmandu. My responsibilities as a iOS developer included

    - Design, build, and publish two symbiotic iOS apps to assist parents and school teachers to connect with students' progress and other school activities

    - Implement QR code based authentication system for login

    - Manage AppStore listing and publishing

Awards and Certification

  • Professional Scrum Master

    Issued Feb 2019 .

  • Melbourne School of Engineering Student Ambassador

    2017 - 2018 . The University of Melbourne

  • Student Ambassador

    2013 - 2014 . Google